The demand for nail salons is on the rise and keeping up with supply and demand is a real thing! La Bottega has options and ready availability. Win/Win. Secure your appointment today by reaching out to one of our nail pros directly!

Nail professionals, contact us today to learn more about leasing and available spaces.

Triple B Beauty

Triple B Salon

Emily Popilek

(810) 515-0130

Suite A

Ashley James - Cosmetologist

Ashley James Cosmetology

Ashley James

(307) 321-8619

Suite 10

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Feet First Pedicure & Massage

Michael Nguyen


Suite 2

La Bottega Favicon

Nails by Meg

Meghan Gale

(307) 277-5355

Suite K

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Jordan Brankel

(307) 258-3806

Suite 5

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Toni Antonovich

(307) 315-0011

Suite 18

Appointments are booked ONLY by contacting the professionals directly.