The independent, licensed cosmetologists are here to make you feel and look your best. From just a trim to a completely new look, the professionals at La Bottega have you covered. Browse our list of hair professionals below and reach out to them directly to book an appointment.

For more information on the availability of our customizable, modern suites for hair professionals, contact us today.

LuxLou Beauty


Lacey Stevens

(307) 797-1208

Suite G

The Hair Loft

The Hair Loft

Corey Ralph

(307) 251-6611

Suite 8

Triple B Beauty

Triple B Salon

Emily Popilek

(810) 515-0130

Suite A

Hair by Abi

Abigail Morton

(307) 253-0486

Suite 1

Ashley James - Cosmetologist

Ashley James Cosmetology

Ashley James

(307) 321-8619

Suite 10

The Hair Loft

The Hair Loft

Tiffany Thompson

(307) 840-2162

Suite 8

La Bottega logo

Pam McCoy

(307) 259-4447

Suite E

Kolour By Kali

Kali Knigge

(307) 259-7908

Suite 9

Juliette & Joy

Mallory Graham

(307) 251-1946

Suite 4

Juliette & Joy

Dara Wood

(307) 262-4592

Suite 4

Emily Muhlbauer

Emily Muhlbauer

Suite 7

La Bottega Favicon


Hannah Steensland


Suite 5

La Bottega Favicon


Jordan Brankel

(307) 258-3806

Suite 5

Honeybee Well

Kelsie Wells

(307) 840-5855

Suite J

Appointments are booked ONLY by contacting the professionals directly.